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on 05 February 2022 about Volunteers of America in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

On January 3, 2022, I woke to no running water. The water was off all day. Then at about 2:45, I heard the water come back on and immediately I knew that something was seriously wrong. I was sitting on my sofa, just a few feet from my kitchen, when I heard the sound of water pouring in behind my refrigerator. Upon taken a closer look, I couldn’t see the water but I hear it.

Then, I immediately called the office down stairs and asked Joyce if I could speak to Tiwanda. Joyce said Judy Quote, Tiwanda is not in the office, she’s in the building, just not in the office. Joyce then said, Quote, Judy, what’s the problem. I said Joyce, the water came on and it sounds like it raining behind my refrigerator. Immediately, Joyce said, Quote, I’ll call maintenance.

I waited until 4:00pm for maintenance to come and they never came. The following morning, January 4, 2022, I walked into my kitchen and heard the water continuing to pour down, like a flood. Then, I noticed that the water had flooded my kitchen floor, all under my refrigerator(my refrigerator was sitting in a pool of water). The water was sitting in between the spaces on my kitchen floor. Then, I heard knocking on my door. It was Joyce, Marvin and Justin. Joyce says Judy, we need to get into your apartment; there’s water running from your apartment down to the fourth floor. I said, well you’ll have to wait because I’m not dressed and I called and no one came.

Suggested solution:

If Tiwanda was in the building as Joyce told me that she was(and I don't believe that Joyce would have lied to me) then Tiwanda should have dropped whatever she was doing and come up to investigate this matter immediately. Instead, they all left and went home.

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