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on 07 August 2019 about Treasure Coast Connector in category Public Transport

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I not only got the flu from getting soak and wet because once again, no driver to run the half hour bus so instead of waiting a few minutes for a bus we end up waiting over and hour to get caught in the storm but i also LOST MY JOB for not having reliable transportation and being late over 10 times!!! This is unacceptable!!! I live in Martin County and we NEVER have these issues. I’d rsther pay and have a piece of mind rather than get a free service that is RARELY on time and most of the time when it does decide to show it leave 7 minutes ahead of time. This is Florida, who the f@k wants to stand in the hot ass sun drenched in sweat hesding to work waiting on a bus?? And the app is a joke. They really need to get it together and quick because my next step is contacting Tallahassee and nobody will be getting a grant or any other service from the government when they’re informed the way these people are running this crappy service

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If you pay the people with all of that free grant money you're receiving than maybe you can get some drivers that wanna work and of better quality so you dont have to fire them.

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