Complaint: Extremely poor conditions

on 13 September 2019 about Travellers Inn Motel in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

Me and my girlfriend were stuck and no place to go so we had called the salvation army emergency line after talking them they said they could put us up in the motel so we were like sweet…we were told what motel we would be staying at not ever being there before get to the motel check in and go to the room when we get into the room we had both looked at each other and checked the room out some more as when you walked in the door there was white powder on the carpet with numerous stains in the carpet mind you we were told when we checked in we couldnt keep the key to the room cause we didnt have 5 dollar deposit and on top of that we continue to look at the room there is dryer sheets in the window for some reason lol get to the wash room and it was so gross and disgusting we said f it not happening as we were going to was out notice the blanket was just laying there folded at the end of the bed crumpled. Stains on the wall and stains on the chair i dont know how this busieness can get away with the disgusting conditions the room we stayed in…

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Id like the health board or bbb to do something cause this establishment shouldnt be rented to people it was that philthy stains every from floor to the walls and ceiling ..

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