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on 27 May 2022 about Trader Joes in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I saw a customer’s mini bouquet at your store yesterday, liked it, and bought one for myself ($3.99). It consists of rosettes, and one stem each of yellow chrysanthemums, blue asters and a giant greenish mum. I put them in water on arrival home but noted that the asters looked droopy already.
This morning all asters had dropped their heads, and the green mum as well as the yellow ones have bruise marks on them and look like they are on their way out.

Suggested solution:

I think the reason this is hard to spot is because the flowers are packed so tightly in cellophane that one cannot judge any possible damage until after arriving home.
I took three photos, both yesterday and this morning, and would like to share them with you if you could provide an email address.
Please do not take this complaint lightly because we are Trader Joes customers for many years, in various California locations where we lived. (Yesterday's bill came to over $160.)
Please contact me so we will be satisfied customers once again.

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