Complaint: Car improperly diagnosed and incorrect price quotes

on 18 November 2019 about Tom Peacock Nissan in category Automotive

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My car has been at the service center since October 17th, 2019 and today is November 17th, a full month and I’ve paid 3400.00 to Nissan and car isn’t repaired. Nissan has taken my money and the only thing I’ve gotten is stress, loss of work time, and continuous headaches. Took car in for a fuel pump replacement, was given a quote of 1259.00 and this was sent via email not a personal call to discuss with me any issues and to accept or decline in a box. I went in to speak with ***  who was the tech that I hadn’t heard from since the car had been dropped off 2 weeks ago to find out he no longer worked there because of complaints. I was told there was an error when I got there on the quote on the email. I find it fishy they didn’t catch that and probably thought I would check the box and later find out this mistake. After getting there, and they sent in a mechanic who now tells me it’s 1400.00 more because I need a new gas tank replacement? I went in to speak with the GM, ***  who told me it was an human err and really to get over it. During the 2 weeks of my car being there I wasn’t offered a loaner, so I had Ubered and rented cars from Enterprise. After hearing I had done this now they offer a loaner and this was October 25th, 2 weeks later after no updates on my car until the email and me going in to ask to see Mr. Watson who was no longer there. After a fuel pump that I needed and then a new gas tank, I’m now being told on November 7th I need a camshaft sensor because my car won’t stay started although my car had been starting and I had a diagnose done prior to taking it to Nissan which was suggested by that shop bcuz they didn’t have the software. *** didn’t take responsibility for my car being diagnosed improperly, he only offered to pay half on the camshaft which at the Parts Department there is 147.49 and he said it would be 800.00? So, now I’m paying another 500.00. After not hearing from them again until November 15th when *** the Service Manager calls and says I need a new engine? I had my car diagnosed at several shops and they all said fuel pump and nothing about a gas tank, camshaft or a new engine. You would think a diagnose would show that first. Please help me to find justice and get my car repaired as they first stated that after all these items I’ve paid for would do the job and unknowingly to me I never needed any of these. I feel I have been shammed and spending money and yet my car sits there not repaired. They removed the engine without my consent. They never called or updated me on anything. They always called with I need this or that. Please help me because I shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s mistake in that Service Department.

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I feel this company should repair my car without any further expenses. I feel this is their mistake by improperly diagnosing my car or there has bn a mistake done and it’s not my fault. I can not afford to keep renting cars and need my car. This is taking a toll on me physically and mentally. Please help

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