TLC complaint: Apretude

on 28 November 2022 about TLC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Watching TLC this evening and a commercial comes on I’ve never seen for an HIV medication called Apretude. It featured actors as gay men and couples being affectionate hugging flirting and then the last straw was 2 men kissing each other on the lips.. I am not homophobic but I am a heterosexual male who believes this is crap that should not be forced upon us in the private of our homes on our television through a cable service we pay big dollars for!!! It was the most Unacceptable and disgusting commercial I’ve ever seen on television!

Suggested solution:
The commercial needs to be removed from TLC or Any other channel I pay far for that matter or I will cancel my subscription to their channel! I will also spread the word and make sure everyone else knows to cancel this absurd Televised commercial. Liberals love to force this crap upon others. I’m here to tell them we’ll cancel their shit too!

Suggested solution:

Remove this commercial

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