Complaint: they dont follow their own terms of service

on 07 April 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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Hello, I have been constantly harassed and bullied but the same two accounts on tiktok – i have reported over a hundred times, my friends and family have reported, people have even joined tiktok just to report the video to get it removed . the terms specifically say NO BULLYING, NO HARASSMENT, NO HATE SPEECH, etc. It states not to say things about people’s ethnicity and mental health as well- TIKTOK DOESNT REMOVE IT OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT . they dont get banned. they dont get removed. they dont even get a warning… tiktok is supposed to be a safe place…. i have complained about this on

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If TIKTOK would remove @riskyy_rileyy and @ms.white2.0 , i would be extremely grateful, as so would everyone else they have been bullying. this isnt fair... no matter how many times we report it, you say it doesnt violate the terms, you can then click a link to see the terms and it IS WRITTEN IN THAT LINK IT DOES GO AGAINST THE TERMS. Might be time to just sue tiktok. I have complained on reddit, rcmp, and

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