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on 28 September 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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Complaint Letter Template 28.09.2021
Liliana Cornelia Walstra – @lilachima (TikTok account)
Dear Sir or Madam,

On 25.09.2021 I had a Live broadcast on the social media platform TikTok. After about an hour the Live broadcast was suddenly stopped because I was reported for ‚‘pornography and nudity‘‘. I mention that I was dressed absolutely decently. The TikTok team reopened my Live broadcast (the closure was made by artificial intelligence – so only after the large number of Raptors). About 2 hours later, the situation was repeated in the same way. Courtesy of the TikTok team, we were aware of the people who made the reports .I’d really appreciate your help with this. Report (s) received from:

I want to note that during the live broadcast one of the users changed his name instantly. @adelinaagrav @qnuni238567
I understand your problem.
Yes your problem is Shadow Banand this is due to multiple reports: live and video clips. The person (s) who report you frequently is are:@deliaagrav
Now you have to wait for this problem to be solved in a few working days. 
This problem is solved if they continue reporting. 
I would like to inform you that for few weeks this person Delia Varga has been following me on social media platforms, especially on the social media platform TikTok, harassing me and bringing insults.
I will attach evidence to support these facts.
I understand that this person, Mrs. Delia Varga, complained that her face was shown for a few seconds in a Live broadcast.
But the activities of incitement to hatred and harassment and the dozens of threats that this person practices you don‘t consider to be much more serious?!
What do you think about the racism practiced by this person in the conditions in which nowadays the current Black life mattershe is elevated to a higher rank.
A person’s face can be seen on the street or anywhere but harassment, hatred and threats are not normal things.
This lady Delia Varga disturbs any activity on the social platform TikTok and especially the live broadcasts.
This incident was reached after some reprehensible actions that this person has been doing for months.
As a direct result of all the shortcomings made by this person my private life and relationship with my family degrades as it passes.
I wasn‘t going to make any complaint, anywhere, for the whole situation created by her because I thought that everything remains at the level of social platforms.
I know from reliable sources that this person does various activities of inciting hatred to take money from incited people.
I’ll file proof for everything I’ve told you.
I want to return to a complaint made to a person on 25.09.2021.
I was notified by the TikTok team about the reason why I can not carry out my normal activity on the TikTok platform.
‚‘The account is in Spam for long time because it has been reported several times. 
Reports are daily and repeated on the same day from multiple users.
The reports come from several accounts and various problems related about the language used and also the content of the videos.‘‘
The Live broadcast was reported by a large number of users, and artificial intelligence took the reports as bugs. 
We ask you to take great care of the activity on the social media platform TikTok in relation to the outfit, the language and especially the following users.
Unfortunately we cannot provide the list of users who have reported the Live broadcast only once time.(1.53 a.m. and 07.29 a.m.)
We apologize for the trouble.

Thank you so much for your help and also for your understanding.

Sincerely, Your Liliana Cornelia Walstra

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I would like the problem to be solved because I have made many complaints and have not received an answer. Thank you very much for your help!

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