Complaint: Permently Suspended my TikTok account

on 10 April 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Me saying this to TikTok Corporation: You might have a rogue eliment working at tiktok they say I violated their community guidelines which is false the video for which they permently delete my account was blurred out by Fox News so for them to delete my account for something that is being shown on main stream media is a false accusation towards my TikTok account, I’ve already threatened with a class action lawsuit like I did to Facebook and we won that lawsuit 650,000,000 million American dollars a great win for us, and so I’m trying to play nice and hope that you can correct your mistake when deleting my TikTok account, I will approve of your company deleting only what they deem is against their policies which should only be that one video they claim had nudity in it which was blurred out by Fox News so it shouldnt be against any polices you have in place, but if it has to be so be my guest and delete what you wish but I want my TikTok account restored. Or I will go ahead with the class action suit against your company, Facebook is way bigger then you and Mark Zuckerberg thought he was going to win it and lost, something to think about…. My email is do the right thing

here I’m trying to work with you….

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Restore my Account I don't mind if they only delete what they claim violated their policies but it was for nudity there was none because it was a video from Fox News and they Blurred it out. I think it's because I'm a Trump Supporter so there's that plain and simple I threatened them with a class action suit just like I did to Facebook and won 650,000,000 waiting for payout soon. My TikTok isn't political it's a Music Gaming Video Mix Platform I do put political videos at times but didn't expect them to act like they did.......

Permently Suspended my TikTok account
Permently Suspended my TikTok account
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