Complaint: Banned from live and did nothing wrong

on 20 February 2021 about TikTok in category Social Media

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My complaint:

Someone had reported me when I was live and I did nothing wrong.I filed a appeal and it was declined.I feel like a lot of times not just myself people report people out of spite.It’s not fair to other people that you get reported especially if they have no proof that you did anything wrong.I think that tik tok need to look into it more before banning people including myself.I get banned for a whole week and nothing has changed with them fixing the situation.I contacted them twice reporting why I was banned and no response yet.

Suggested solution:

Looking into the reporting before getting banned and getting more proof of evidence of doing something wrong or hearing the person side of the story.People that get reported don’t know who doing it but looking into it more before getting banned.

Banned from live and did nothing wrong
Banned from live and did nothing wrong
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