Complaint: about the door men

on 22 July 2019 about The Bessemer in category Clubs / Pubs / Cafés

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My complaint:

i was going to have a couple of drinks at that pub.I have been going their for 20 plus years.i had trainers on .that i just bought there cost me a lot of money .so i looked very smart.The bouncer said i can not come in .so i said why .he did not like my trainers.i said i have been coming here for over 20 yrs.I said i want to speak to the manager i know reply.the pub was nealy full with people with trainers on.he stopped another person for same reason .HE SAID YOU HAVE AIR BUBBLES IN THE TRAINERS.To me trainers are trainers.the small bouncer was very agressive to me .And coming very close to my face .i told him dont be Agressive i ham taking to the other bouncer about my trainers.NOT HAPPY I AM NEARLY 60 .NOT 20 YRS OLD.

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Suggested solution:

Get them bouncers to go back to school in how you should talk, And how to treat people in equity maners cost nothing .All braun and no brains.comes to mind.This is the first time this as happend.The bouncers are new.the one that was agressive did not have a English accent.i want a letter from bessermers saying that we are sorry for the out come.

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