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on 03 June 2019 about Sumo Japanese Steakhouse in category Restaurants

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Myself and my friend of 25 years recently visited this establishment. It was a night for celebration as my friend had gotten sober on that day cold turkey 6 months ago. It had been a rocky road for them and that night we sat and discussed his sober journey thus far and the rocky road he traveled in order to achieve it. What should have been a night for joy quickly turned into a nightmare waiting. Apparently a bartenderserver had been evesdropping, not very well, on our conversations. She approached us and brought to our attention that if we were looking to score some coke (cocaine) that she knew where to find some of the best right there in the mall, all she had to do was make a phone call and she was more than happy to help us out with our dilemma and if we wanted to try before you buy she had some that we could take to the bathroom and tryout. She then enlightened us on how she used to work at a different place in the mall before she recently started working at this resturaunt, and that she would be meeting her boyfriend outside for a smoke break in a few minutes and could grab whatever we needed, apparently said boyfriend still works at the other resturaunt she was telling us she used to work at. Today I picked my friend up from the hospital after he relapsed and overdosed. I don’t know if it is the world we live in today that makes young individuals think there are no consequences to their actions, but there was a severe consequence to my friends actions that almost cost him his life, all because one young ignorant little girl overheard peices of a conversation and decided to try and make some extra money on the side. I’m appalled that this would even have happened in public and so openly and freely. The inability for someone to mind their own business could have potentially cost someone their lives. I would hope that an establishment such as this wouldn’t tolerate nor allow addicts to take advantage of the job that they should feel privileged to have. The name of the girl was Liana, young girl, very sweet polite, but very ignorant and unprofessional. Needless to say we will not be returning to the steakhouse. We won’t be returning to the Mall either and will also be filing a complaint with the Mall themselves.

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I think this waitress should be terminated for the attrmpt to distribute drugs on company property and banned from working in any other store in the mall itself.

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