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on 13 December 2019 about Stars and Strikes in category Fitness & Sports Centers

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My complaint:

I have been working here for more than two years. Since I started the establishment is disgusting and not tended to correctly. The beer lines are never cleaned. We never have pest control come inside and spray monthly, nothing. There is a extreme odor behind the bar at the bowling alley in the Dacula GA location. It has been there since I started working there and nobody in our facility seems to want to fix it.
Since starting the job here we have never had a full staff. We are worked long hours without breaks. We are taken advantage of by our General Manager and even after working double shifts day in and day out are expected to sit around when we are extremely slow and have no guests to tend to. We are told to get drinks and buy food for managers when we are working morning shifts for 2$ an hour. When complaining to HR in the past everything gets brushed under the rug due to personal relationships between HR and management. Mainly the general manager of this location.
When any issues are brought to the GM attention he gets defensive and doesn’t know how to communicate to his team. Nobody can make any changes for the better because of the General Manager, Bryan Sessions, attitude and his need for a power trip. We have had multiple managers work beneath him and not last more than 6 months due to his behavior.
This has been an ONGOING issue but nothing gets done about it no matter how many guests or employees complain due to interpersonal relationships within the company.

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Suggested solution:

I want an investigation on our cleaning schedule and if the proper precautions are being practiced to make sure our facility is clean and up to standard. And I want our general manager to be investigated for his emotionally and mentally abusive behavior to his staff.

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