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My complaint:

I recently opened an account using the following promo ADESANYA302 with this email.
I deposited 500 and was given 1000 in bonuses; however, I was not able to place bets. I was soon told that I could only place 1% of my initial deposit (5 dollars) per bet, and I would have to bet my deposit and bonuses 40 before I could bet anymore or withdraw, completing rollover.
That would mean I would have to make 12,000 individual max bets before I could ever withdraw money.
Upon learning this, I requested my money to be returned or that the promo be canceled before playing, since 12,000 is an unrealistically amount of bets to place (an amount I will never be able to do unless I become a fulltime degenerate gameabler). I was told this would not be possible as I agreed to this in the fine print of a popup upon depositing. I would like to report this promo as I believe it is not clear, I believe is an oversight, and is fraudulent in nature. If it was made clear that you can only bet 1% of your original deposit and that you would have to bet 40x your total deposit bonuses, no one would agree to this term. In either case, there is no real way for me to collect my original deposit or winnings without placing 12,000 bets, which is not feasible. The result, I am forced to lose all my money or I am forced to place 12,000 bets before ever seeing any money again. I do not want the 500 dollars I earned working hard being held hostage under false pretenses.
I want to give Stake the benefit of the doubt, that this is an oversight, but this promotion is unclear, fraudulent in nature, and is a scam where customers are not able to ever collect their initial deposit without subject themselves to 12,000 bets
I have included the support chat.
Please either work with me to return my deposit, remove the promotion, remove the conditons, or escalate this to someone who can.
Zach Titizian

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