Smite Gaming complaint: After I Purchased, they Banned Me

on 20 October 2022 about Smite Gaming in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I want to make a complaint about Smite game policy. The reason for this letter is just the unfair punishment they apply to players. I dont understand, if someone comes and harrasment you as a player, you stand for yourself in front of him but you are the one banned because I didnt complain about the situation, instead the guy who started did . with print and everything. So how is this possible to make blind calls about a issue, don’t analysing the problem, and make acctions just because a random comes with a print who can be faked btw .

And in the same day i purchased an event from them, just saying . I have 6k hours spend with this game, I’m playing with streamers, im in website member group. And they just banned me.
I actually just want my money back. and give up on the game, because if this is how they solve a situation,

I dont want to be part of it no more. If you guys can help me , please do it. In the name of gamers who are missunderstood
Thank you and have a good day

Suggested solution:

Get me in contact with the staff, or any employee from the Hi-Rez company or Smite game

After I Purchased, they Banned Me
After I Purchased, they Banned Me
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