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on 28 November 2021 about Selfridges in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

On Friday 25th November 2021 I went to Selfridges to purchase a penbiro as a Christmas present. When I attendant the counter there were two female assistants sitting on stools to the right of the counter and a further female standing to the left of them; there was a male assistant to the left standing in front of the cabinet and a further male assistant serving a customer.
I walked up and along the counter for just over four minutes in the hope of being served by one of the aforementioned assistants to no avail! I eventually stood in front of the three female assistants and asked what one had to do to get served in Selfridges whereupon they all looked at one another but not one of them made any attempt to come forward to serve me so I had not choice but to walk away from the counter where I had hoped to make a purchase!!
I would like to ask in this economic climate why Selfridges should think it doesn’t need to employ people who are willing to do what they are paid for ie serve customers?
I await a reply.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

They should go to the counterdepartment in question and see if there is 'supervisor' or the like and check as to why there were assistants behind the counter but no one made any effort to serve a customer.

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