Complaint: Threatening and Discrimination

on 10 July 2020 about Save A Lot in category Convenience Stores

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To whom it may concern: I just want to complain about a really bad experience I had have in one of your store 45162 on July92020 around 7:00 pm. My disappointment is with the employee whose name is “Starnisha” she was very rude and insolent with me. At the beginning of my transaction she started treating me in a disrespectful manner. All started with me waiting on the line keeping my social distance with the customer who was paying in the register and when it was my turn I decided to move forward and my big mistake was walking in front of my shopping cart and starting putting my groceries on the conveyor belt. She make me to move back, and I was disconcerting but I do it because, it was my first time been out in a store since this Covid-19 situation start, and I thought is one of the new CDA guidelines, but she continue been rude, rushing me to empty my cart and put it next to her side (I been on save a lot many times and the cashiers always had a cart in there and when we done we switch carts) However a this point she start raising her voice so I decide to tell her to low her voice down and be nice, but English is my second language and I mispronounce something and Starnisha start leafing about me, telling me “learn English lady” at that time a box of cookies fell to the floor and I pick it up and without thinking I leave it on top of some limes. OMG! another big mistake she told me to give to her. But at that moment I told her that is her job to pick the box up and I was doing her a favor and I asked her to be quiet and I was tired of dealing with her insolence. So Starnisha threatened me and told me to walk outside. I decided to ask another cashier for a manager’s help because I was scared and frustrated at the same time. The manager came but I couldn’t explain anything when she started talking, so the manager asked me to walk outside with him and be a part of this insolent girl. When we are outside I try to explain the whole situation, but unfortunately I barely told him a bit of the story and my frustration came out, and I start crying so I just told him that I’m going to make a complain about Starnisha. So that’s the whole story. You can review the security videos to corroborate my story. Please, I beg you to teach your employees a high quality customer service and how to treat your customers in a decent manner. I really felt scared and discriminated by this employee of your store.

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Teach your employees a high quality customer service.

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Save A Lot

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