Complaint: very angry since I’ve caught it more than once

on 04 December 2021 about Riversweeps in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I spend a ridiculous amount of money on your app and there are times that I win but here recently you did an update and I have noticed that the app starts freezing or it completely shuts down over and over and takes my money and it won’t allow any of the fish to actually die in the line of my fire and it can take $10 because it’s not connected well and you’re stealing my money and I spend too much for you to take any extra and I feel like on two different occasions you owe me money for them just in the last week so I don’t know what your update was about but it’s it’s not cutting it for this wonderful customer that you have just look at my details and see how it’s been thousands a week and I feel like you owe me about a hundred bucks I could really say 200 because it happened for a 2-hour period until you drain both of my $100 I mean I didn’t even win the littlest amount so your connection and your app were the problem because I even rebooted my Wi-Fi check the signal everything and I just really think you guys should give me some of my money back in good favor for the fact that I spend more on your app than my rent for my house seriously

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I feel like they should offer some sort of refund some sort of credit back to my account when it comes to the two times I'm referring to in the last week I don't usually complain and I've been with you guys for a long time but y'all owe me a little money for the way you did your app the other day

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