Complaint: Wrongful arrests and unlawful detainment

on 21 May 2019 about Richland Parish Sheriffs Office in category Emergency Services

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My complaint:

Two Richland parish sherrif officers came onto my Mother’s property without anyone consent which is trespassing and ask me if they could look around not search, but look around and I said yes. Both officers illegally searched my mother’s closet without my consent, and physically grabbed my Financee by the arms and arrest her without reading her rights or without justification of the arrest warrant. Both officers illegally searched her personal belongings without her consent. There was nothing in plain sight, or nothing suspicious that gave them reasons to unlawfully search her personal belongings. I also was unlawful detain based on the officer belief and without justification. The officer lata obtained my personal confidential records from another officer and the court’s clerk so therefore she could make an arrest, because she knew she had violated my civil liberties and tried to cover it up by using confidential information against me. There was alot of unlawful and Immoral acts by both officers and it’s causing me severe emotional distress upon recklessly acts. This Wrongful and False arrest has given me a bad reputation for future promotions and upcoming job opportunities. This is embarrassing and I’m seeking justice and help from everyone to put a end to these maliciously and discriminatory acts; just because me and my Financee have an interracial relationship.

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Suggested solution:

My desired solutions is to bring these officers to justice and have a fully background check on there credibility of being a police officer. Both showed poor leadership, unlawful and unconstitutional acts.

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