on 01 September 2021 about RC Cola in category Food and Beverage Brands

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Bought a 12 pk of rc today and fixed a glass with ice I literally gagged when I tasted it I had 2 other people in my house taste it they spit it out. It tastes like sulfur and oil so I opened a different can and could smell it before I even tasted it. The whole 12 pk is bad and could be dangerous because we don’t know what’s in it . You can smell this horrible nasty smell thru out the room when you open the can and I am going to try to get my health department to find out what’s in it this could really make someone very ill

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Suggested solution:

Test one of the cans and find out what this is on your own and I wanty money back

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Rickey (@guest_4077)
12 days ago

Same here in WV. Canned 12 packs smell like burnt gear oil. Not an appetizing smell. Something is wrong.

Jared smith
Jared smith (@guest_4121)
2 days ago

Same here, in Greene county, Ohio. Horrible taste and smell in every single can. I too had two family members try it, because I thought I was going crazy, as I had never had anything like this happen. It tasted of some type of oil or something flammable, and I took a huge drink, and felt sick all day and night. I feel better since, but I am scared of what it could potentially do to my body. It also scares me that kids could get a hold of this, and not really know or pay attention. I feel this… Read more »