Raising Canes complaint: Age discrimination

Complaint from CainsDiscrimates reported on 31 January 2024 about Raising Canes

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My complaint:

I had an interview on January 27th and my availability is Friday Saturday and Sunday closing shift. I have my grandson the other nights. But what manager would not want an older, reliable, dedicated employee who needs money for survival and not a teen looking for “ fun” money. As soon as the manager sat down to interview me his first and only words were “ we have no positions to offer you for the hours you requested. There were about 15 people doing orientation and all young so good luck and advise your managers to have RESPECT for everyone and not just young kids. I had a Spanish guy interview me, unsure of his name, think John. Sorta a punch in the face when you write availability on application only to be told asap there is no position available.

Suggested solution:

Treat potential employees with respect and not tell them as soon as they sit down there if no position for them. That’s a terrible experience and sadly the manager who interviewed me had absolutely no clue night shift worked until 2 am cleaning up. He needs training
I kept getting format e mails regarding my interview supposedly a formality but it was with Ray Handel so please have him train his managers and to stop discrimination

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