Procter and Gamble complaint: Always Ultra Thin Pads commercial with Red-colored liquid in the pad demonstration

on 14 October 2022 about Procter and Gamble in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

There seems to be a trend in television advertising to humiliate women. I do not understand what is driving this. The Always Ultra Thins commercial that is airing right now uses a liquid demonstration to show the pads function, but the liquid used in the old days used to be clear, like water. Now it has been colored red to look like blood. This is disgusting! Boys see these commercials. Showing blood in a pad is yet another clever way to make women less than and to humiliate us to males. Misogyny is real and growing, and commercials like this, designed to humiliate and embarrass women over their bodily functions is RIDICULOUS and NOT APPROPRIATE from a major company who makes TONS OF MONEY off the backs of women. I can promise you that the buying power of women is enormous, and if I (or someone else) makes a campaign for women to boycott PG, you will go bankrupt! Please give women the same respect you would give to men. Men are the ones who stink, are hairy, don’t wipe their butts properly and who are overall, much more disgusting in their bodily functions than women, and yet there are no commercials on TV pointing that out. STOP HUMILIATING WOMEN with your disgusting BLOODY PAD simulation. I personally will never buy another PG product until I get a personal apology for this ad, and until it is taken off the air. Oh, and by the way, there is also another Always pad that used to air and probably will again (Always Flexfoam), where the ad features a woman leaping in the air, and the camera is literally underneath her, showing the area of her crotch where the hole would be, and in that ad, it is clear that someone actually photo-shopped a brownish looking stain in the area of that hole. Who is handling your advertising and who is giving the green light to these offensive ads? I want a personalized response back about this and if these ads do not stop airing I will make it my job to make a public campaign about how PG hates and humiliates women.

Suggested solution:

Take these offensive, female-humiliating commercials off the air! And I want someone to respond to me personally about this.

I can't give you a rating, as I am being asked to in this form. I've always trusted and respected PG. It's these commercials that are the problem, not your products.

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