Complaint: Something in the pizza pop made my mouth numb like a chemical of some sort

on 24 July 2020 about Pizza Pops in category Food and Beverage Brands

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I was half way through a pizza pop that didnt taste quite right from the begining when I took a bite in the middle and suddenly I got hit with a instant numb sensation that instantly took my breath away as my throat felt as though it would close off as i almost choked trying to not swallow the contents that caused this sensation I managed to spit it out i had to continue spitting over and over as the numbing feeling was still very present rinsing my mouth out multiple times with water and trying toothpaste to rid the feeling. I began to feel nauseated and thew up multiple times while still feeling like my throat would close off while puking. I finally had not much left in my stomach so i took a teaspoon full of activated charcoal mixed into water to make sure if any content is still my system i would hopefully rid it with the charcol. Weeks Prior to my experience my son had eaten one of the pizza pops from the same batch and said he seen mold or something gross and threw up and threw it out. I didnt bother at the time to think to much of it as kids can be silly about food at times. Now I will be listening more closely as i learnt the hard way.

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I have never had an experience like that i just want this to never happen again to anyone else! I cant imagine what could have caused this to happen seems like maybe something got mixed into the pizza pop by mistake or to much of one of the ingredients oe something in a high quantity did not get mixed in properly. Im not sure but it its concerning to say the least.

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