Party in my Dorm complaint: They allow bullying

Complaint from Relm88 reported on 07 July 2023 about Party in my Dorm

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My complaint:

The game is called Party in my Dorm. Pvp is an element of the game and sfw (strip war farm) is part of it. Pms and gift messages are unmonitored. My club has been farmed for over a year by a group..we had to deal with all types of harassment via gifts (yes we blocked, but then they’d send someone else or make alts) they would use game implemented things to harass (spam unwanted wars when we were trying to start parties, spam the club doors.)

Lastly it’s outrageous how a 230mcs can hit a 40mcs which allows for bullying and so far. Rp_noob which started the sfw is someone who had been banned before and this was shown to Ata (a thinking ape) but they did nothing.

A year later they decided to move on and stop farming us but -playboyjay- and g4bby (a top vip player) continues to hit us. Jay has been reported for buying black market misc and for using an autoclicker since anytime he hit us his hits killed our devices cause of lag. Same with g4bby- but nothing serious is done about them since they spend so much money in game.

G4BBY Has multiple alt farms which I’ve reported in game but they claim their inactive which is a lie since she hits from her main and various alts. Also Ata claims farmers must provide you with a cf (cease fire) but even if they do and if you cf g4bby will continue to farm. I’m complaining here cause I’m tired of Ata letting g4bby get away with stuff just cause she’s a vip player in game. Also -playboyjay- gets away with stuff cause he spends 1000s of dollars buying ecs or dns

Suggested solution:

Maybe adjust pvp range and actually give a warning to these players who do anything they want cause of their huge stats. No one wants to do anything against G4bby cause everyone is terrified of her

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Julius (@guest_7939)
19 days ago

Stop crying. Fight back or find someone to hit for you. If you don’t like the game don’t play, that’s the amazing thing about free will.