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on 08 September 2020 about Paparazzi Accessories in category Jewelry

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My complaint:

So, I debated writing this email because I don’t want anger to dictate my actions.

I don’t own a business but I would imagine that customer service is of utmost importance. I personally prefer to shop with companies that treat their customers with respect and dignity.

I’ve been shopping with a Paparazzi consultant for a while now and I’ve never had an issue until I received a hinge bracelet that in my opinion was defective. One side of the hinge overlapped the other, one end was literally sitting on top of the other. I was not able to open the hinge. Believe me, I tried.

I contacted the consultant and she immediately told me oh you can open that. I told her I tried but I couldn’t open it and did not want to force it and risk breaking it. She told me to return it which I did.

Her response was a bit of a shock to me. I did not expect such a condescending attitude. I was made to feel like I was stupid for not being able to open the hinge. Her billingshipping person was just as bad. He sent me a video of how easily he was able to open the hinge. His exact words were i can open it with one hand actually. We’ll refund you the $5 BUT it clearly opens up.

I was floored. Is that typical Paparazzi customer service? This person has over 400 viewers per live. So, it’s not like the $5 refund is going to break the bank for her. Or was she insulted that I returned the item? When you mass produce not ever item is perfect. Some will get damaged. It happens. Whatever the reason, if a customer complains a consultant should listen, respond accordingly and above all make the customer feel satisfied.

It may not seem like a big deal to some but I don’t like being treated like I’m dumb because I’m not. And to be honest, I don’t have proof that the hinge in the video is the hinge I returned. It didn’t look like it. The ends were perfectly aligned and the hinge opened easily. That’s not the experience I had with the hinge I received.

My point in even writing this email is to just have my voice heard. That whole exchange was not good, throughout the whole ordeal it was like I don’t know why you can’t open it, I opened with one hand easily. I’m not an idiot and I resent being treated as such. Training on customer service should be revised and implemented if this is how customers who spend a lot of money on live shows are treated.

Needless to say I no longer watch her lives and unfollowed her page. It probably won’t hurt her because she has a lot of viewers but I had to speak out. Action will probably not be taken because she is a high ranking consultant in your company but I believe in calling out bad behavior no matter who it comes from and I would expect a company like yours to do the same.

Thank you for your time,
Nora Fresse

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You should really stress to your consultants especially the higher ranked ones how important customer service is. It's because of the customers that they can even make a living selling this jewelry. It's not recommended to belittle that customer with a condescending attitude. It will cause them to lose valuable customers. I for one don't follow this person or shop with her anymore.

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