Complaint: Discontinuation of children’s paparazzi jewelry

on 01 March 2022 about Paparazzi Accessories in category Jewelry

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My complaint:

I just spent $29 on paparazzi children’s jewelry and only five dollars and jewelry for myself. Your children’s jewelry is better made than your jewelry, I keep buying necklaces and I keep falling apart but for my granddaughters the jewelry is very well-made and it’s last a long time. Not only should you bring the children’s jewelry back but you should also offer clip on earrings for kids who do not have pierced ears or do not like having them. I don’t know why you decided to discontinue because there’s always a battle on chat and Jennifer‘s live to see who gets to children’s jewelry first. Between all of us there’s like four or five of us who battle for the children’s jewelry and for you to discontinue it on us is really stupid. Again you need to bring back the children’s jewelry and include such things as clip on earrings. If you want increase the price to dollar 50 or even two dollars I am willing and I know the ladies that I battle with on Jennifers live, would not mind paying the extra $.50 or the extra dollar to make our grandchildren happy. And include some boy things to I have a grandson also he gets left out

Suggested solution:

Introduce a new line of children’s jewelry including for boys and clip on earrings

Discontinuation of children’s paparazzi jewelry
Discontinuation of children’s paparazzi jewelry
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