Complaint: Excessive Over Charge

on 12 May 2019 about Northgate Towing in category Emergency Services

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My complaint:

On Friday 05032019 at 4:00 PM, Northgate Towing showed up at the Caldwell Nature Reserve, in Cincinnati, Ohio. I did not call them, because I have roadside service thru OnStar. My car had went slightly over the hill and was stuck in a small embankment of mud. The tow driver Chris Duffy lowered his wench and hooked up to the rear of my car. I came back down the hill to watch, his first attempt to pull the car did not work, the wench chain came off, and I was well off to the side. He tells me if you don’t go back up the hill, I am going to charge you $300.00 more dollars, I told him this is my car and I have a right to watch you hook up and pull my car, and not to talk to me that way. He then states that is another $300.00. The second attempt was succesful; it only took a total 10 mins, to pull my car onto flat dry land. The next thing he does, is have another tow driver with a flat-bed truck load my car on to it, my car was driveable. He did not write me an invoice nor even took any personal information from me, he gave me a business card and told me, you need to call your insurance company to get your car back. I called the tow shop the next morning, to how it would me to get my car, and she told me $900.00 and $25.00 a day storage. This seems to be a predatory against me and my insurance company, and I am not going to involve me nor my insurance company in this fraud. The reviews about this company and the owner show a very shady business being operated. This hold ordeal should have only cost $400.00 at most, which I was willing to pay. But to be told twice by them, you need your insurance company, just put up red flags. Hopefully someone can start investigating this company.

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I want my car back and not at the price of committing Insurance Fraud and paying Hostage Fees.

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