Complaint: Kichen Unit and Lights in communial area

on 20 February 2020 about Network Homes in category Real Estate / Housing

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My complaint:

Complaint 1
I reported in October 2019 that the lights in the outside porch were out. I was given the assurance that this would be attended to. Since then I have made 5 calls to Networks homes and on the 15th of January a contract Number was given to me , but no one came out to put the lights back on. What is annoying was in December on 2 occassions the door bell went off once at 3.30am and another time at 2.00 am I was well annoyed. Now two of the lights on the steps leading to the property is out, which clearly states that it could be something electrically wrong.
Are we going to wait for another Grenfield Tower episode to say this would never happen again?.

Complaint 2

A plumber came to fix the pipe in the kitchen on the property and realized the counter needed to be replaced. When the contractor came to change the counter in the kitchen he realised that the whole unit was rotten and needed new units. I telephoned Networks and I was told that they are aware of the situation, because its in the notes. This was in October last year. I have made 5 calls to the Housing and on every occasion I am put on hold for about 20 mins and then the individual would come back to me and declare that the person who deals with the issue would get back to me which they never did.
Prior to this I reported that one of the doors on the Unit had fallen off. I was told it was my responsibility. I went and bought 2 hinges but they cannot be fixed because the place where they should be attached is rusted and cannot hold any hinges. I have taken pictures and would forward them to you in a separate e-mail. Now the other door is on the floor also and Network housing don’t seem to care. Instead I am just being given the run around every time I call.

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Suggested solution:

My concerns should be attended to as a matter of urgency after being given the run around for so long.

And the issue with the lights on the communal area should be attended to ASAP.

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