NetDragon complaint: False advertising and scamming

on 30 March 2022 about NetDragon in category Gaming

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My complaint:

The game’s publisher released a new pet 2021-12-8 Chronicle Keeper
and this pet acquired loads of eps which is the special currency in this game and made us sacrifice our old main pets to gain more powers with this new pet even though it was so expensive for everyone we still didn’t complain about it, after 3 months they announced an update on their game on 2022-3-23 to nerf that new pet that cost everyone loads of money to have saying it was a miscalculation on their end and it the pet wasn’t supposed to be like that in the first place, they not wanting to fix it nor refund our money, please all the players in this game seeks help

Suggested solution:

They should either refund our money or to leave that pet they released 3 months ago as it is because it\'s not our fault that they can\'t run the game properly and false advertising for something without doing enough tests.

False advertising and scamming
False advertising and scamming
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