Complaint: Very disrespectful to victims of murder

on 01 March 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

The murder show skit that was aired on Saturday night live was very disrespectful, distasteful and very inappropriate to all victims and families of victims of murdered loved ones. Our tragedies are NOT for entertainment purposes and we have enough people out here using it as such. We do not need NBC and SNL pushing that agenda that homicides, injustices and missing people are for entertainment purposes. We share our stories to try to get help and support when we have nowhere to go. Not to entertain ANYONE! We put ourselves out there and are very vulnerable only to be mocked, have people say negotiate, hurtful, hateful things to us that destroy us a little bit more each and every time. Making a joke about true crime only pushes the idea that it isn’t a serious matter or reality for a lot of people and you should all be ashamed!! Sickening.

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Suggested solution:

Stop trying to make a living at other peoples pain, suffering and loss. A public apology and a promos to not do it again.

Very disrespectful to victims of murder
Very disrespectful to victims of murder
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