Complaint: Unfair Town Hall for Trump

on 14 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Your networks’ decision to allow a coward, who dropped out of the debate due to his own inability to debate without constantly interrupting his opponent, is a disgraceful display of your lack of accountability for those who abuse power. In a time when it seems no one in power is held accountable for their words or actions, you want to allow those same powers a chance to voice their agenda in the face of the publics’ overwhelming opposition and a recognition of what is fair or just. How dare you? There is something more important at the root of this decision that speaks volumes about how your network feels about Trump’s injustice. To give a platform to anyone, including a president, to prop up their racist, misogynistic bile is extremely irresponsible and a disgrace to the American people.

My immediate family of 3 will be boycotting your network as a result of your actions. We will also be spreading this boycott to as many friends and family as possible. Until you rescind Trump’s Town Hall and apologize to the nation, we will no longer be counted among your viewership.

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Suggested solution:

Immediately cancel Trump's Town Hall, issue a public apology, and stand with the American people over the money hungry ratings whores at the top of your corporation. This is not acceptable!!!!

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