Complaint: Trump town hall

on 14 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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How could you give this man air time? He is a monster who, supports hate groups, denegrates women, belittles people with developmental disabilities, says horrible things about our veterans, divides our country, puts innocent babies in cages, is forcing an unqualified justice onto the supreme court who will make sure we don’t’ get healthcare or birthcontrol — AND said a virtual debate was beneath him. I know you are running a business, but this is NOT about ratings. It’s so much bigger. This is about saving our democracy and YOU are part of the problem. Please cancel this for the sake of America’s future. If you do not, I will never watch NBC or MSNBC again, and Rachel Maddow so basically part of my family, we watch her every single night, so it will be painful for me to boycott. Do the right thing and cancel this thing. Signed, a very upset viewer and citizen in South Orange, NJ

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