Complaint: Townhall Moderator Very Abusive and Disrespectful to President Trump

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

NBC’s moderator for Townhall meeting with President Trump Oct. 15th, Savannah Guthrie, could not have been more disrespectful and rude to President Trump! As a fair-minded American citizen I am very angry with this woman! She was very biased for Joe Biden and showed it by being very aggressive to the president asking him questions with an accusatory tone in rapid succession, interrupting him quite often. The president, for his part, paid unwarranted respect to Guthries’ Inquisition by answering every question with a report of the marvelous and successful actions Trump and his administration took on the subject(s). Savannah Guthrie also has a terrible high-pitched voice and speaks too rapidly. Why doesn’t NBC get a lady that is fair-minded, respectful with a nice voice and clear delivery. Guthrie is a trainwreck.

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Suggested solution:

I believe that you should fire Savannah Guthrie and never ever again allow a disrespectful interview to a president.

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Linda Bundy
Linda Bundy (@guest_2200)
6 days ago

I just want to say NBC should be ashamed of theirselves for letting someone treat our President of the US in such a disrespectful way. This was an attack on our President from the start. He didn’t stand chance from her talking over him and interrupting him when had tried to answer. I will say I’m boycotting this news channel and it’s biased ways. No one should be treated so disrespectful especially our President. I believe when they say you are fake news. It was a true embarrassment to see someone behave this way. Someone like that needs to be… Read more »