Complaint: Town Hall with Trump

on 19 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I will not listen to NBC ever again, as your Town Hall with Trump was a disgrace. It was not for undecided voters to ask Trump questions, but was a debate between Trump and your disgraceful, rude Savannah who was hosting it. She dominated the questions and responses. You may not have wanted to have the Town Hall Meeting for Trump on your channel, but if that should have been the case, then you should have denied him of it.

Rather you love Trump or hate Trump, she did a horrible job last night! It was obvious that she hates Trump, which was shown through her questions, interference and no respect for the President of the United States. Biden’s was a totally different Town Hall meeting. George was respectful to him, let the audience ask questions, did not interrupt him when he was speaking. It’s too bad your channel could not represent your candidate with the same respect. It was more than disgraceful!

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Savannah needs to apologize on air for her rudeness, which she will not do as your channel has little respect for Republicans. I have voted as a Democrat before, but will not be voting a Democrat ticket this year due to the terrible treatment I have seen to our President over the past 3 12 years. He has done more for our country than many Presidents and I support him for another 4 years if he wins. I have always had respect for any President, something that people seem to forget these days. Our Country is a mess as most younger people do not know what it is to love one another or have respect for others. This is a country that is All about me. So sad.

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