Complaint: Town Hall with NBC MSNBC AND CNBC and Donald Trump vs ABC Town Hall with Joe Biden

on 15 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I am repulsed and angry that your News Organization has decided to hold a Town Hall with Mr. Trump and it is at the exact time as ABC with VP Biden.
NBC and the other affiliates will probably garner a larger viewing audience that plays right into Mr. Trumps’ campaign. The fact that the president cancelled the original town hall agains has allowed him to manipulate the media for his own personal gains.
This election is about 2 distinct candidates with very different visions of the USA. The inability to REQUIREa Town Hall that has both candidates appearing on the same ( even in different locations) is a travesty to Americans who feel the need to see both men respond to the questions asked . It is not about ratings, course bragging rights and financial impact. It is not about viewership and who gets the chance to question the candidates. NBC, MSNBC,and to some extent has explicitly displayed a particular view of presenting news and stories about the candidates. This not FOX NEWS!! You claim to present the facts and the whole truth. If Americans cannot see both candidates at the same time answering the same questions you have missed a great opportunity for some reason to help your ratings on TV–which for the evening news is behind ABC.
I have been an NBC –MSNBC viewer for over 50 years when it comes to the news. Without reciting all my objections to the Town Hall Tonight I will say that you have lost me as subscriber to your channel.

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Suggested solution:

This news channel has let down the American public by not having the gumption and balls to make sure both candidates could be heard simultaneously. I have read that many of your former colleagues, executives, and employees at your station feel the same way. Which is ironic because that is exactly the kind of news stories you have used consistently to criticize this administration. Whether by a recently published book or a well known individual who has made some statement that challenged this administration.
Too bad this is how tonight will play out. NBC and MSNBC has fallen into the pitiful news outlet like the one that is the spokes person for this president with his opponent and on another network.SHAMEFUL and discredits much of what this news organization has to say. If this bumps up Mr. Trump the blame is squarely on your watch!!

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