Complaint: The Term ‘Queer’

on 04 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Hello, I am reaching out about the verbiage used in the most recent upload of Stay Tuned on Snapchat (942020) S39, E7. One of the co-anchors used the term ‘queer’ to describe a group of LGBT youth. This is generally problematic and triggering as that term, while general media likes to say it is a reclaimed term, it is not. It is still very much a slur and is especially so to a vast majority of gay men, like myself. Those who do not feel that way have never suffered the social and mental trauma of having the term slung at them, and makes it worse when heterosexual individuals use the term freely as an identifier of any kind.

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Suggested solution:

I seriously implore that the entire staff of Stay Tuned on Snapchat be notified of this issue and refrain from using that language in the future. Realistically, the anchor who used the term should apologize for what was said during the segment. A screenshot of the anchor in question is provided below.

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