Complaint: The growing problem of misinformation

on 09 November 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Nightly News has now entered the realms of misinformation and intentional omission of facts and joined the ranks of the likes of Tucker Carlson and Fox. Truth is whole, not partial. The Nightly News has proven this with their recent coverage of the rittenhouse trial. They purposely cut out and failed to mention the witness, Gage Kraznyk(spelling?), admitted under oath rittenhouse fired at him in self defense AFTER gage pointed his gun at hi. They intentionally failed to inform the public of pertinent facts, indicating intent to misinform, that rittenhouse was attacked for putting out a fire and ran away from the attack, that the prosecution admits someone else NOT facing charges shot at rittenhouse first, that Rosenbaum was the one who attacked and chased rittenhouse for putting out a fire, and that the prosecution’s case is crumbling around them. They are no better than fox spreading election misinformation.

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Suggested solution:

Nightly news should tell the WHOLE truth no matter what public sentiment or opinion is. And NBC should hold them accountable when they dont.

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