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on 09 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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To : NBCSimon Cowell Oct 6, 2020
Subj: The past season of America Got Talent

I love AGT, normally. I’ve watched every episode over the years. This was the worse season ever. I know it was difficult having to deal with the Pandemic and all of the guidelines. But overall, the talent was so, so mediocre. It seemed like the person with the saddest story moved on, despite their lack of talent.. My Father committed Suicide, I grew up in the Ghetto with gangs, My Country is so poor, we didn’t have…., I was put in Jail for many years for a crime that I didn’t commit, My cousin’s step brother’s wife has asthma, etc. Unfortunately, that’s life. Crap happens. We all have sad stories. There are people all over the world with sadder stories, but that’s not “all” what the show is about. I really feel sorry for all of the contestants on the show, but that is life. I could relay many stories much worse than those that I heard this season. I’m currently dealing with Cancer. It could have been worse, and I can’t sing.
The show also suffered without Simon. You need him on the show to give the contestants a realistic review of their acts. Heidi, Sofia, and Howie were mostly very nice, sympathetic and supportive, but little was ever said about the limited talentability of the majority of those contestants. Howie did confront a few contestants, but some of them were the better contestants. I felt like Howie just singled them out to prove that he could be critical, at times. These probably were not the correct times. He let so many others go by with much less talent, but a very sad story.
Perhaps it would have been better if a more objective individual was named to fill Simon’s place. Cam ( Eric Stonestreet) is a great actor and a nice man in real life. But he’s too considerate of the performers problems and would over sympathize with them, rather than telling them the truth and hurting their feelings. Howard Stern was always fair and honest. If he had to say something bad, he would. Much to my surprise, Howard actually was much more tame and human on AGT. Sharon Osbourne was an outstanding steady performer on the show. Probably the best replacement until Simon returned, would be Piers Morgan. He is so similar to Simon. He’s not afraid to speak up and tell you that you don’t have the talent to win a million dollars, but would also never hesitate to give you the Golden Buzzer…
You need to come back Simon. The contestants need your fair assessment, to honestly and fairly advise them if they have talent, or to keep practicing. Heidi, Howie and Sofia really need you there for guidance. They have to be shown that it’s their responsibility to inform the contestants, if they do not have the talent needed. They are not there just to be a cheerleader.. They are not there to be the contestants best friend and they can’t be afraid to hurt the contestants feelings. That’s the job of a Judge.
Finally, you have to return for the viewers. You have to come back to reestablish the credibility for AGT, that was severely lacking this past season, after your injury. Get well and stay safe.
Thanks for listening. I hate being critical to something that I love so much. The many problems were so obvious, and you have always done so much better over the years. I’m sure AGT will be back better than ever and for many years to come..
Thank You,
Raymond J Foster
72 Circlewood Drive
Berlin, Ct 06037 Tel- 860-538-1610

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See above. Nneed better, more objective judges

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