Complaint: Show suggestiong of Weakest Link Reboot

on 02 February 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

First congratulations of the bring bacK to the
My name is Daniel Mak, also known as same name in youtuber.
I’m a huge fans of weakest link show. And Some of my friend and I are experts on weakest link,
When we know the show bring it back, we are exciting and happy
But the show reboot, it just a huge disappointment, the whole season 1 is a disaster, I know the show need some innovation, but can you guys respect how the show should go and set a good example for other country who may reboot and use yours as a reference
I want to point out something must resolve and hope you can take my words seriously

I hope my words can help you guys to know what the show should look like.and what should done…

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Suggested solution:

1.No chatting during walkof shame cause is so cringe and fake for the screen.
2.don't let jane doing the introduction scene when
3.please this is important:Screen elements should never disappear.
In this whole season,I can't belive you just make the clock on the screen disappear and bring it back until 30 second left.Is so problematic for viewers to know how the players waste their time or performance to get the anwser correctly
4.Please ask Jane be a bit pushy ,she has doing a marvels job. She can be better.
5.Don't add those fake prerecord laugh and wow sound effect during the show. It create confusion as no audience in the set,how would those laugh come from: Almost all of my fans and viewers in my YouTube has express they hate it,If you want those laugh just recorde from the player directly.
6.Please make Jane a bit more confidence to say those lines.
when she said the sentence in stumbumble is not giving the impact to the viewers.just help her confidently say it and mean it.
7.Bring the doubletrible round after three left.
That is the most terrible changes of this reboot.
When the players not understand the rules or not have enough knowledge to get compete on the show.
Theres is useless when each round just increase amout
Also you create a unfair rules when left on three
because normally people will just vote of the strongest, no matter what.
and viewer hate to see this.bring the doubletrible round is the solution to balance the innovation and respect the original.
How? if there has one more round,people will have cosider their vote carefully who to get rid of,will not always the strongest jus got eliminated
8.Please make it clear on banking rules.not press the button and say bank at the same riddiculous,from other version no one has potrait this change,it is so strange and weried,when you get the new feature why need to speak at the same time?it just non-sense,
Just do that 1 rules,to banking rules -press the button or just the player say bank!
Don't mix two of that

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