Complaint: Savana Guthrie during so called Town Hall with the President

on 17 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I was astonished Savana Guthrie took right out of the first minute a completely hostile attitude and disrespect through out her time to show
how she was going to handle the President. To downright show on
display her dislike and disdain for him was so apparent and showed
to many who wanted to have a sit down in comfortable chairs as ABC
did for Mr. Biden rather than on a stool. It was obvious your decision to
have him be uncomfortable for the hr. or more to try to get him immediately
react to her hostile questioning. She went on with her questions as though she was debating him not moderating for the people who wanted to hear the questions from voters and his replies. It was obvious she had her agenda she wanted to do and let the audience there and those waiting to ask questions of the President and the audience at home to not get what they tuned in to have. Moderators are not supposed to be debaters. You NBC got back lash since your audience and Hollywood wanted Joe Biden to be heard not the President. It was shameful we had to wait for over 20 min and 43 of her questions to get to the people who were there to ask their questions. I and many of our friends are
disgusted with any attempt by the media to ever give President Trump any kindness. Do you think after listening to the mumble, stumble, dementia probability of Mr. Biden he is going to run the country. He will be a puppet fo the far left agenda. Until the Pandemic and closer of our
country to business and jobs we had allow unemployment rate to 3.5 at the lowest in 50 years, the best economy we have had in over 12 years, and the safest until the riots and looters and burning down cities stealing and God knows what else in these major cities. Does one really think Joe Biden will be taking good care of the citizens and the country? Well, it is obvious YOU DO!.

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I think there should be a public reply with a letter from her posted to your NBC web page for how she treated the President and have her be sanctioned in some way by off the air for a while without her
pay. You gave your friends who complained about doing this, what they
would like, I think the President showed he can handle most anything
that comes his way. It proved his point all along about the Fake News
media and the hostility toward him.

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Dolores Bartholomew
Dolores Bartholomew (@guest_2228)
7 months ago

I hope Kristen Welker will not be another Savannah Guthrie at the last debate, but she is already so anti-Trump. Guthrie was a disgrace. Who picks these totally biased hacks? They are supposed to be moderators (look up the definition NBC) and not a debater. I have stopped watching NBC after the likes of the debauchery of Matt Lauer and liar Brian Williams and I was an avid fan. Not anymore!