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on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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To whom it may concern:
I am writing to complain about what I just viewed on NBCs townhall with President Trump. Samantha Guthrie was so unprofessional, very accusatory, and absolutely disrespectful to our President. He is the President of the U.S. and duly elected at that. I cannot imagine watching Ms. Guthrie on any regular basis. She was vicious and attacking the president consistently and constantly challenging and interrupting over 60 times over the hour. She did not make the President look bad, she absolutely looked stupid, mean, and the president was victorious, looking even stronger at the end of the interview. He knew the facts and she was not knowledgeable of the actual truth and facts. She made herself and NBC look bad! It is just a reminder of why I do not watch NBC or any of the mainstream media at all. Even without the election, I would not watch your network. It is a shame that your network is is playing a part in keeping the truth from the American people. The American people deserve a balanced network presenting all view points- you are doing the people of America a great disservice. The people are smart and I am in hopes that they will stun you all in a decisive 2nd term victory for our wonderful President Trump. You have a political presidential candidate where there is strong evidence to support there is corruption with foreign governments- you and the other networks are protecting this candidate and harming our country and not allowing the American people to hear and decide for themselves. I think again, your network is a part of something which is very sinister and the people will not stand for it. MAGA- TRUMP 2020- the only way Biden could ever win is by cheating and with an all out war of the media, the swamp, and stealing the election through voter fraud. The Silent Majority Will Speak Loudly on November 3rd and you will not believe how strongly. With the events like tonight, the silent majority will be even more energized than they already are to go to the polls and send a strong message!
Thank you,
Ms. Lauren Hollingsworth
Baton Rouge, Lousiana

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Savannah Guthrie should not be allowed to conduct or moderate an interview or debate- she is very biased and all of us saw it very vividly on display. Your network needs to give all people in a campaign or points of view the same time and impartiality. My dad was an owner of a number of FM radio stations. He was not given the choice of who he let advertise or not. The law required that he give all personsorganizations equal time. If he didn't- he would possibly lose his license to operate his business. The same should be true of TV broadcasting companies. I think the FCC needs to look at this and Congress pass some laws to enforce this and see that networks cannot collude and silence Americans and people of opposing views. The people are not going to tolerate this any longer!!!

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