Complaint: Rudeness of Savannah Guthrie

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

My complaint like many others is regarding Savannah Guthrie in how rude she was to our President. She started right out by being very combative regarding the virus, masks, and the like. That temperment continued throught the hour. She was condenscending, extremely rude, interrupted him constantly so the he could never just answer her question, she was so disrespectful to the leader of our country. It seems to me that these moderators should not be so biased, or at least pretend not to be during these debates. I have lost all respect for her – never did really like her – and will not ever watach NBC now. I believe you have lost a good audience over Savannah Guthrie, and I hope your ratings go way down now. I hear this meeting was a far cry from the one with George S. and Joe Biden. Why is everyone so easy on Biden???

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FIRE that rude journalist! She does not deserve to be on NBC with the irrational, rude, disrespectful performance of last night.

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