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on 28 August 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I was watching the broadcast on hockey and I am tired hearing poor me and the blacks about rasicm and want this that. So us hard working people that actually work for a living and they cancel hockey but it’s ok they make millions seems selfish especially with the one black hockey player that speaking about these games being cancelled due to or well show us that this needs be done, REALLY like there is not one black person that has hated on white people harmed white people and well it has to me several times especially now that this is going!!! SO I WANT IT MADE KNOWN SINCE WHITE people do not go on the news speak up there is and we have been mistreated my manager is black and I am constantly put down, held down, no raise in 3yrs and never called out on time and see but it’s all about them and what they want which they have exception job positions thru out our country so there is no oppression thst was 50yrs ago plus nine of us were alive when slavery was going on and if they knew there history blacks owed slaves as well then we don’t hear about that yet I have a college degree and can’t get into a county job or city job because the blacks and none whites are not allowed so talk about being mistreated and oppressed it’s actually the white people. Oh and everyone I know is over this we will no longer watch sports because of this. Lastly, if we are prejudice against black then how hell did Obama become president? He is part black and many white people voted for him so don’t give me this crap.

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Suggested solution:

Speak about everyone not just the blacks I feel like an outcast and I was laid struggling could not get foid stamps or help from govt but yet they get everything and think they are the only ones thst struggle so speak about how they are prejudice not saying all are but they are not innocent or without guilt.

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