Complaint: Racism Exploitation

on 23 November 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

It started when Ari Melber Msnbc passively made reference to crack cocaine (to Cornell Belcher) signifying the intent for laying groundwork for harassment and exploitation with malicious intent, under the guise of marginalizing me, a puerto rican schizophrenic with scoliosis. It was reaffirmed to me (intent) when pete davidson made an out of place comment about el chapo (racism that he brags about throughout a few other news articles and skits). in response to my complaint (i believe): cornell belcher acted out aggressively to intimidate on another Msnbc set. Though it might be hearsay, it seemed to become a focal point for Msnbc to disingenuously bypass responsability of conduct, because I have a short brief history of being removed from a college campus in Minnesota under false pretense, which seemed to be an indirect attempt to decorate Msnbc and pete davidsons lack of accountability. Many many moments of passive mockery and a few years later- SNL assisted pete davidsons unquashed malicious intent with a skit about a birthday cake with a genitalia candle, colin jost (making an explosive and direct indication of an octopus moments after i posted a song with an octopus on the youtube link on my facebook page (after calling all new police recruitments racist, an a realtime issue regarding understaffed police around here in the ozark apringfield mo area), and so on. -the conduct is anti puerto rican (im half puerto rican), pro east coast hate, by marginalizing puerto ricans by exploiting just one. the malicious intent is based on online records and posts and aimed toward me based on an ex opiod addict roommate shooting herself in the head, my being threatened to be beaten and coaxed to be set up and shot twice by unaccounted for white nationalist neighbors without months of that incident deapite my not having talked to that ex in a year (or aeen her in three years) -and capitalizing off of that exploiting that based on the premise of being recorded in a comprisable position through my blinds (and recorded two other times, a probably thats repeated elsewhere in our neighborhood). -thats what the birthday cake genitalia skit is all about. wether it be based on that drone video surfacing on the black web, or wether they want to insinuate that with the malicious intent to encourage public shaming or potentially suicide (in their minds). Also: the song about fake Jordans: thats permission for more racism toward puerto ricans or hispanic people primarily, from black people- primarily from the eat coast, and the more immediate 30 Rockefeller Place, New York, NY, USA itself, on live tv especially.

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Suggested solution:

Recognize pete davidson as a racist and fire him (thats literally the only way to prevent him from being openly racist, aside just acknowledging the obvious fact that he is racist, no matter his own disparities).

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