Complaint: Profit over News

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I was very disappointed that you agreed to put presidential candidate Trump on your station at the same time as presidential candidate Biden. You made every American choose which candidate to watch in real time.

Why would you voluntarily do that? What were you trying to accomplish? Certainly not informing the public in a responsible way.

You could have had your interview with candidate Trump at a different time so that America could watch both (we all don’t all have capabilities to tape).

Or, you could have allowed candidate Trump to suffer the consequences of his decision not to debate Biden, instead of undermining candidate Biden’s responsible decision and encouraging candidate Trump’s childish behaviors.

You also missed an opportunity to make each side hear a little of what the other side has to say.

It makes me believe that you are part of the problem with this country, which should get your attention since I am a democrat and normally abhor when Trump criticizes the press…However, after your decision regarding this event, I find myself agreeing with him. That should make you think more about your decisions about what to air and when..

I watched candidate Trump’s performance on your station, at the expense of seeing candidate Biden. Although I strongly support candidate Biden, I think it is important to listen to all points of view. So if your goal was to increase viewership, you won. If your goal was to be a responsible news channel, you failed miserably. Unfortunately for Savanna, her valiant efforts were lost on me. I was too angry about your misguided decision to give candidate Trump his way….You are kind of like an enabling parent dealing with a spoiled child……. always providing an unchallenged national platform for him to blame someone else on his own impotency.

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Suggested solution:

Do not reward candidates for not following the rules

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