Complaint: Physical Assault

on 04 January 2021 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

I parked my car at a regular parking spot, but it wasn’t a driveway, it was regular parking, at 524 Pine street. I was going to get out of my car and go to my house after a long period of work. I live in the same block where I parked my car. When I was getting out of my car, I saw a uhaul van stop by me, there was a person on the passenger side, he looked like around 35-38 years old, and then the driver got out of his car and said “you parked in-front of my house, why did you park here?”, I responded with “ I saw this parking spot clear and so I parked here”. He hit my car with his hand asked me to move from the spot. I said “ why would you smash my car, you could’ve ase ked nicely”, after that he went to his car and took out a shovel and smashed the left mirror of the car and shouted “move”, after he did that I started moving from the spot and there was a car behind me and as he started to smash all the windows of my car, I covered my face with one hand and started to get out but it was difficult since there was a car behind me and his car was stopped in front of me. I was moving and then he ran into his car and reversed his car and scratched the right bumper of my car and started to drive away. I started to follow him and called 911, I was speaking with the police and following him, he was driving around very fast so it was very hard for me to catch. I lost his presence but I was passing by wortman street and I see the car in the driveway of a house, I parked my car and started to shout for help, I asked “stop him!! He crashed my car and cut my hand. I explained the situation to the person and I saw the suspect walk away. They also called 911, then the ambulance came and bandaged my arm and gave me oxygen because I was low on oxygen. I talked to the police and they said I can leave for now so I took my car to a garage leave it there. I have everything recorded, if you need the recordings I can provide.Starday I was came back from present at 11am he was infront of my house then he bit me.then I call police then I go hospital my eyes bon broken I can’t see closet brother go outside yesterday for buy food he saw him infront our house then he run home we very scared bcz this not arested he live same block we can’t go outside bcz we are very scared.

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Suggested solution:

Can you broadcast that news we need police here.and arested this person

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