Complaint: Peacock tv is the worst

on 19 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

The switch over to peacock was probably let the worst thing they could have done. It’s not easily accessible to everyone. If you are going to take it away then make sure the majority of your audience can watch it. It’s not compatible with the amazon fire stick, not compatible with Roku, not compatible with Samsung smart TVs and I can’t even airplay it via mobile device.

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Suggested solution:

Make agreements with these companies so it’s accessible to everyone. Don’t make use sign up for a subscription if we can stream it easily. Put the sports back on live tv.

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Andrew McLean
Andrew McLean (@guest_2034)
5 months ago

We already pay through the nose for cable. Now we are being asked to pay more money for things we have already paid for. This is extortion. All you have done is ship the things I used to watch as part of my cable package on to a premium streaming service and demanded I pay more. Just stop!

Nat Can
Nat Can (@guest_2728)
6 days ago

peacock has the worst user interface i’ve ever seen. it’s like it was created in 6 hours with no one looking over it afterwords. PS4 nearly shuts down every time i use it (it’s actually restart in the middle of streaming which is terrible for the hardware) Roku is so awful as well. I can never tell what i’m selecting on the menu and it cuts out the endings to my favorite episodes. i’m about to just buy the office box set and delete my account. also, customer support is absolute shit, and it’s insane that they don’t have a… Read more »