Complaint: NBC giving mr t a place to spread misinformation about COVID

on 15 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

As Americans make the choice tonight of watching candidates answer questions from average people, NBC has knowlingly given stage to a person who regularly provides misinformation about COVID.

As a nurse educator, I protest. NBC should know better.

Student nurses across our country are now barred from some of their regular clinical sites due to hospitals being overwhelmed with COVID patients.

If nursing students do not proceed through clinical rotations, they do not learn essentials of nursing and cannot graduate. It follows that in the U.S., we will continue to have a shortage of qualified nurses.

This affects you. A nurse can make a difference in your life.

You can make a difference in lives if you cancel the spewing of misinformation about COVID from mr t.

This is a critical time in America. We all have to make critical decisions. I hope you make the right one. If you do not, good luck with having a nurse who saves your life.

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Suggested solution:

Cancel townhall tonight for mr t.

Investigate the impact of COVID on nursing students.

Regularly report the number of timesdatesmisinformation mr t gives to the American public. Keep an online list going.

Say good-bye for me to all the NBC affilitate station hosts I used to watch.

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