Complaint: Lester Holt interrupts President Trump speech on Nov. 5, 2020

on 06 November 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Lester Holt interrupts President Trump’s live speech by saying the President’s comments are inaccurate so they quit airing it!!

Where is freedom of speech. It’s not up to ANY news media to censor anyone unless it it obviously hate speech or yelling fire in a public area!!!

From what I’ve been seeing, there are some real issues that need addressing. Cutting out a live feed from a sitting President is just so wrong in a variety of ways.

Shame on you NBC!!

It is up to the listener to listen and the check out the veracity of the comments made by any politician.

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Suggested solution:

Report the news factually!

Do not make up the news to to slant it either to the left or the right.

I questioned the term fake news when used by President Trump, but after this incident, it will probably be a while before I will believe anything the main street media is reporting.

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Nicole (@guest_2322)
7 months ago

I completely agree. Shame on you NBC! Your no different than any other bias media source trying to push your agenda. I’ve lost all respect for you. Whether you agree or disagree with a president, regardless of his political party, He is the President of the United States and deserves respect for no other reason than his title. I would say the same thing for ANY president. NBC it’s not your place to decide who gets freedom of speech and who doesn’t. Your job is to report the news.

Carol Wanders
Carol Wanders (@carolw)
7 months ago
Reply to  Nicole

I totally agree. The President has been silenced by NBC because they hate him and can’t control him. It’s not up to nbc to decide what Americans hear and don’t hear. NBC should report the news and stop trying to apply your biases and hatred towards this President.
I am so disgusted by your behavior. Who do you think you are. Try putting your name on the ballot and then for 4 years being harassed by the hyenas that work at what used to be a legitimate news organizations. That is no longer true. You have zero credibility.

Denise (@guest_2324)
7 months ago

I was actually looking to see how I could express my feelings about the complete disrespect your network and employees have shown to our President, both by their obvious bias in reporting and by completely cutting him off mid-speech last night. I am a life long NBC viewer, but will no longer be. I find it completely disgusting that a platform is used by one party to further their political agenda vs reporting, without bias, the news of the world. Even your late night shows are totally one-sided. Your corporate pages reads like a Democratic platform flyer. If you look… Read more »