Complaint: Hyundai Commercial

on 14 September 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Irresponsible Hyundai ad promoting distracted drivers and the Hyundai technology to the driver. Hyundai spokesperson had a carefree attitude about girls taking a selfie steering into passing lane and almost hitting another car. I can appreciate an ad about the technology, but not taking a light hearted approach. Kids need to be careful when drinking and selfies while driving is unacceptable!

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Suggested solution:

Remove and report ad to Hyundai marketing executives

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Kay Judkins
Kay Judkins (@guest_2487)
9 months ago

Totally agree with the irresponsibility of this Hyundai ad. Cavalier attitude of the spokeswoman almost promotes ignoring common safety measures. And seemed to target specifically teen girls being portrayed as silly giggling girls…what a sad cliche to promote. Shame on you. The newest commercial shows a man driving and eating French fries and losing concentration on driving and drifting out of his lane. Again…what are you promoting??? With this kind of logic, why not show a drunk driver.?…why not let the “lane assist” technology correct the problem of bad choices and inattentive driving??